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Automat perkusyjny wydany przez E-Phonic. Emuluje brzmienia : Bassdrum\r\n- Snaredrum Handclap2 ...
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 MadTracker 2.6.1
MadTracker - jest godnym następcą programów takich jak FastTracker czy Impulse Tracker. Jest prosty ...
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 Drumatic 3

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*Introduce Yourself Welcome All Units :: Feel like @ Home :-) XPZP2*& 24-03-2010 - 15:06
New Romantic

Dance Music

New Romantic


New Romantic was a New Wave music subgenre and fashion movement that occurred primarily in England during the early 1980s. Its genesis took place largely through clubs such as Billy's in Great Queen Street, London, England, which ran Bowie and Roxy Music nights in the post-punk aftermath, evolving into the highly successful and elitist Blitz Club, which featured Steve Strange as doorman and Boy George as cloakroom attendant. The club spawned a hundred suburban spin-offs in and around London, among which were Croc's in Rayleigh, Essex, and The Regency in Chadwell Heath, where Depeche Mode and Culture Club had their debut gigs as fledgling bands.

The New Romantic phenomenon was similar to that of glam rock during the early 1970s, in that (male) New Romantics dressed in effeminate clothing, often with frilly "fop" shirts, and wore cosmetics. David Bowie was an obvious influence, and his 1980 single "Fashion" could be considered an anthem for the New Romantics. However as with many art school-based youth movements, by the time this 'anthem' was pronounced, the movement itself, although successfully projecting many new stylish futuristic ideas and visions (with lots of various references to sci-fi), had been seized upon by commercial forces, and watered-down versions were being cheaply reproduced for the High Street. There was also discernable difference in emphasis and mood, from the frenzied screeching of Slade roaring "Coz I Luv You" to the more ethereal languor of Visage and their "Fade to Grey".

The main difference from glam, however, was that instead of guitar rock, the music was largely synthesizer-based electropop music (German electronic-music pioneers Kraftwerk were another significant influence), intelligently introducing plenty of innovative and experimental sounds. Rhythm machines were also widely in use.

In the mid-1990s, New Romantic was briefly revived as a movement called Romo.

A list of New Romantic performers

ABC - Adam & the Ants - Altered Images - Animotion - Aprčs Demain - Arcadia - Associates - B-Movie - Bill Nelson - Billy Mackenzie - Blancmange - Blue Peter - Blow Monkeys - Boys Brigade - Bryan Ferry - Buggles - - China Crisis - Classix Nouveaux - Claudia Brücken - Cook da Books - Culture Club - David Sylvian - Daniel Miller - Deine Lakaien - Depeche Mode - Double - Duran Duran - Endgames - Eurythmics - Fashion - Fiat Lux - The Fixx - A Flock of Seagulls - F.R. David - Furniture - Gary Numan - Gazebo - H2O - Heaven 17 - Howard Jones - Human League - Icehouse - Images in Vogue - Japan - John Foxx - Jona Lewie - Kajagoogoo - Kim Wilde - Landscape - Leisure Process - Limahl - Lotus Eaters - M - Marc Almond - Men Without Hats - Midge Ure - Minor Detail - Modern English - Naked Eyes - Nik Kershaw - Norman Iceberg - Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark - Our Daughter's Wedding - Paul Haig - Pete Shelley - Propaganda - Pseudo Echo - Q-Feel - Rational Youth - Real Life - Re-Flex - Righeira - Roxy Music - Rupert Hine - Seona Dancing - Scritti Politti - Secession - SHOCK: a rock/mime/burlesque/music troupe - Simple Minds - Soft Cell - Spandau Ballet - Split Enz - Spoons - Stephen Duffy - Strange Advance - Taco - Talk Talk - Telex - Theatre of Ice - Thinkman - Thomas Dolby - Thompson Twins - Tik and Tok - Torch Song - Toyah - Trans-X - Ultravox - Vennaskond - Visage - When in Rome - Yazoo